Cole County Sheriff Offers Better Communication

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COLE COUNTY - Cole County Sheriff Greg White announced the department would now use a tool that will help increase communication with the community. White says the Cole County Sheriff's Department is the first government agency in the country to use Message Qube. Message Qube was originally designed to help communicate with grandparents who can't text. Now the Sheriff's Department is using the Qube to reach out to members of the community who are deaf or hard of hearing.

White says he started implementing the project when he realized it was not easy for those who are deaf or hard of hearing to contact the department in an emergency. 

This week, White started working on using the Qube with the Missouri Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Executive Director Ernest Garrett III says the department and the commission will work closely together to make sure this new line of communication runs smoothly.

The department expects the Qube to help field needs similar to 911. Anyone can use the Message Qube in emergencies by sending text messages to the Qube's phone number. There is also a Message Qube smart phone app from Google Play or iTunes. The app also allows users to send picture messages as well. After the message is sent, a receipt prints out at the sheriff's department with the message and the user's phone number.

Remember, this is for emergencies only. The Cole County Emergency Message Qube number is 573-587-3243.