Cole County stormwater

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COLE COUNTY - After residents complained of their homes and streets flooding, construction began Thursday on a stormwater and road repair project just outside Jefferson City limits.

The Meadowbrook Estates subdivision will have an "almost complete replacement of stormwater facilities, curb and gutter replacement and pavement reconstruction," according to the county's website.

The project will affect some areas of Highway 54 and Highway 179. Idlewood Road, Christine Drive, Lake Valley Drive, Cheryl Drive, Allison Drive, Ridgefield Drive, and Meadowview Drive will also be affected.

Eric Landwehr, the county engineer, has been developing this project for the past four years. 

"The streets are in such bad of shape that it was time to do something."

Landwehr said the residents he has spoken with are not very concerned about the impact to traffic or their work commutes.

"It's an inconvenience to the residents, but they understand it because it's of such great need to be done."

Gerald Kuntze lives on Cheryl Road, where construction just began Thursday. He supports the construction after his house flooded last December.

"The water gets up and sometimes it's over the road."

Kuntze said a few of his neighbors' houses flood on a regular basis. He recently added a culvert between his house and his neighbors to prevent their houses from flooding, but it does not always solve the problem.

"When 179 was built, that slowed down a lot of the water but on some occasions, the water is still too much."

The construction will continue from now until the middle of December 2018. The county's department of public works expects the construction to fix the flooding problem and also update sewage and electric lines beneath the roads.