Cole County to Upgrade Emergency Response Capabilities

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Cole County Emergency Medical Services Department said on Tuesday, it will soon be a getting a new quick response vehicle. Director Mike Shirts said the new vehicle will allow supervisors to respond to emergencies directly, instead of having to wait for an ambulance and crew. The QRV will allow supervisors to start medical treatment until an ambulance crew can provide further assistance. 

Said EMS Director Mike Shirts, "This new Q-R-V will allow our supervisors to to be mobile which they are unable to right now....any emergency needed a large scale...where you have two or more ambulances on the scene....."

The vehicle is capable of seating six as well as housing all the necessary medical equipment to respond to an accident and transport a victim to a hospital. The vehicle meets the requirement of being able to tow 7,500 lbs.

The new vehicle will cost approximately $32,000 and is expected to be in service within the next three to four months.