College friend remembers Tim Kaines days at Mizzou

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COLUMBIA - College pal David Roloff has fond memories of Democratic candidate Vice President Tim Kaine at the University of Missouri.

Kaine earned his underage degree from the University of Missouri in 1979 before getting a law degree from Harvard. He was elected to the senate in 2012 and now is Hilary Clinton's running mate for the 2016 presidential election.

David Roloff, director of marketing and strategic communications at the Mizzou Alumni Association, knew Kaine while they were undergraduate students at Mizzou.

Roloff first met Kaine at Summer Welcome and said he was one of his better friends in college. During their time at Mizzou, both were Summer Welcome leaders. Kaine served in 1977 while Roloff was a 1976 leader. The two also worked together at the Maneater and were involved in student activities. 

Roloff said he knew Kaine was going to be successful.

"Very gregarious, very humble, extremely smart, dedicated, always wanting to do the right thing. If you were his friend or knew Tim, you grew to love him. He was one of those people that you knew was destined for greatness," Roloff said.

Roloff is very confident in Kaine's ability to run the country alongside Clinton. 

"I cannot imagine if he becomes vice president that he wouldn't do a superlative job. He is so dedicated, he really has a sense of giving back to truly understanding the issues. I really cannot see a better person for that role," Roloff said.

Roloff believes his time at Mizzou gave him the skill set to be the leader he is today. 

"I would think the Mizzou experience would help anybody in life but I think especially the Summer Welcome experience," Roloff said, "where you really got exposed to a wide verity of different people either working together as orientation leaders. Living and working together as a group for six weeks, plus seeing the wide variety of students from across the country who come to Summer Welcome. So I think that was a great opportunity for him to expand his horizons. The student government program at the time was very strong, so I think he got a lot of great experience at Mizzou."

Roloff said he was not sure if Kaine was a KU fan, when he knew him he was a true Tiger fan. 


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