College's Drug Testing Policy Threatened with Lawsuit

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OSAGE COUNTY - The Missouri Civil Liberties Association (MOCLA) demanded Thursday Linn State Technical College cease its new drug testing policy, which would test students for 11 separate drugs. The group said it would sue if Linn State goes forward with the plan to have all students take a drug test within the next few days.

The MOCLA is challenging whether this new drug testing policy is constitutional. Currently, Linn State's attorney Kent Brown is trying to determine for the college whether this new policy is constitutional. Brown is in the process of talking with other attorneys in Washington D.C., St. Louis, and Columbia.

Brown said the college wants to take every precaution it can to make sure the school doesn't infringe on the students' civil liberties. However, he said that Linn State is not a typical college. He said that many of Linn State's students work with large, dangerous equipment.