Color this day happy; it's National Crayon Day

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COLUMBIA - Few things say childhood quite like a crayon. Coloring (inside or outside the lines) takes on a new meaning Saturday, which is National Crayon Day.

The word crayon originated in 1644. Crayons are a combination of wax and pigment - which were used thousands of years ago in encaustic panting, known as hot wax painting.

KOMU 8 News talked to four 5-year-olds at End of the Rainbow Childcare Center about their favorite crayon colors. They said pink, gold, sparkly blue and sparkly purple, respectively.

The company that created Crayola, arguably the world's most famous crayon maker, originally had just eight colors, but now Crayola has 152.

The company says a Yale University study found Crayola crayons are the 18th most recognizable smell for adults.

Tricia Mooneyham, a pre-K teacher at End of the Rainbow, said she just became aware March 31 is National Crayon Day.

“Maybe we’ll ask the kids what they want to do and they can come with some ideas for us,” she said.