Columbia airman's homecoming surprises children

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COLUMBIA - Missouri Air National Guard Staff Sgt. Jared Beasley said it was "overwhelming" to surprise his daughter and son with an unannounced return home from Qatar, where he was deployed for seven months.

The reunion was staged at Precious Hearts Learning Center. Beasley's children thought they were there to celebrate a belated fourth of July with the preschool's president. But when a car pulled up to the center Tuesday afternoon, it was Beasley who stepped out.

With Elizabeth, 6, and Jordan, 4, shouting "Daddy, daddy," repeatedly, Beasley embraced them and his wife, who was in on the surprise.

"I was just excited to see them and it was going one way in my mind until I showed up here today. It was overwhelming and surprising," Jared Beasley said. 

Kayla Beasley, his wife, said seeing her husband is simply incredible.

"It's just such a feeling of relief and immediate comfort," she said. 

Jared Beasley said it still hasn't completely sunk in.

"It is surreal, for me, just to be here at home. It hasn't really all sunk in yet, that tomorrow I won't have to be in uniform and I'm just stoked," Beasley said. 

Stacy Gerau, president of Precious Hearts, said shewould like to thank all of the people who helped get things done in less than 24 hours.

"Precious Hearts' families helped me and my daughter pull it off with all the support and donations," Gerau said. 

Supporters gave the Beasleys various vacations, concerts, date nights and more to all enjoy as a family, together once again. 

Kayla Beasley said she and her family are extremely thankful. 

Jared Beasley said he wants to go home and relax, cuddle and simply be with his family once again. 

While he was deployed in Qatar, he helped maintain an airbase as a part of the United States Air Force Civil Engineering Squadron.