Columbia and Boone County Respond to Tree Fire

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia Fire Department received a call late Sunday afternoon about a tree caught on fire off Old Village Road.  Both the city and the Boone County Fire District responded to the fire. The county took over suppressing the flames.

Boone Country Fire District's Captain Gary Oerly said he was unsure how the tree caught fire, but the fire involved less than half an acre of land.  The residents were home, but Captain Oerly could not confirm whether or not they made the call.  

Due to the nature of the call, the city requested a fire investigator at the scene.  Firefighters had to cut down the tree to make sure the embers didn't blow onto other trees, causing further damage.  Captain Oerly said the current dry weather may have been to blame.

"The extreme conditions right now do create natural cover fires and over the past few days we have worked on a few, not a whole lot of them because we are getting a little moisture that's greening things back up for us," Oerly said.

Officials will continue an investigation. However, Oerly said the situation was contained and responders should not have to return.