Columbia Approves $35,241 for Emergency Management Services

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COLUMBIA - Boone County's emergency sirens will get an upgrade.

The Columbia City Council voted Monday night to appropriate an additional $35,241 to the Boone County Fire Protection District (BCFPD).

BCFPD says it did not anticipate needing that money when the 2014 budget was approved.

BCFPD says it needs that extra money for emergency management services. $16,474 of it will pay to upgrade out-of-date sirens in Boone County.

The services will be paid by the county and funded through the 911 tax.

Sirens will be upgraded from short band frequencies to wide band frequencies, as in accordance with Federal Communications Commissions standards.

"This allows us to talk on more channels and connect with our sirens easier," Olsen said. 

This is a map of the current Emergency Management siren system set up for Boone County.

siren map


Along with hardware changes, Boone County is looking at rezoning the areas that would activate in the event of an emergency. 

With this plan in action, Boone County would be split into North Boone County, middle Boone County and Southern Boone County.

"The zones keep people from getting complacent about sirens," Olsen said. "When we get a tornado warning in Southern Boone County and people Northern Boone County people hear a siren go off, and look up and it's clear skies, they will start to ignore the warning."

"We want people to take these sirens seriously, and take cover or listen for instructions."