Columbia bar goers prefer watching Super Bowl at home

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COLUMBIA - Watching the Super Bowl at home and ordering food in may have become people’s new favorite, compared to going to watch parties at bars.

KOMU 8 interviewed several people at a local bar to hear what they think.

Victoria McGlinn’s family was one of the eight tables served at Stadium Grill during the first quarter of the game, while more than half of the room was empty. She said her mom flew in from Chicago to celebrate her twenty-first birthday.

“I would probably be with my friends at their apartment watching it,” she said if she didn’t have her mom come in from out of town.

“Actually I have noticed that my friends were texting today trying to figure out where they wanted to watch the Super Bowl,” she said. “They said, ‘Should we get up and get ready and go to a bar? Or should we just stay at the apartment and do homework and watch the Super Bowl on the TV? And they went with that one—they are actually sitting at their apartment right now.”

Jennifer McGlinn, Victoria’s mother, said if it wasn’t at her daughter’s birthday weekend, she probably would’ve hosted a big Super Bowl party at home, especially if her hometown team Chicago Bears was playing.

“It’s kind of like New Year’s Eve—I don’t want to be out on Super Bowl weekend,” she said.

Both Victoria and Jennifer McGlinn said the bad weather could be a reason for low turnout at the bar.

“The snow outside makes people actually want to leave for their apartments,” Victoria McGlinn said.

MacKenzie Herring is a shift manager at Stadium Grill. She said their business was still going well even though not many people walked in the door.

“For the Super Bowl, we’ve had a lot of to-go orders,” she said. “Because for the most part, people want to stay home."

Herring said, in order to attract more people in, the bar decided to offer its “Happy Hour” special, which is usually only available Monday through Friday. She said she thinks the strategy really worked because more people showed up, compared to last year.

“Last year, there were hardly any people here at all,” she said. “Most people left at half time, and I think we ended up closing a little bit early.”