Columbia bar owner voices concerns with transparency in businesses

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COLUMBIA - Shotbar owner Ben Monsees temporarily shut down his business June 17, due to an employee testing positive for COVID-19. 

"When we found out about the positive test, my staff and I immediately began taking every precaution we could," said Monsees.

The bar announced on Facebook in a post they would keep their doors shut until Saturday, June 27. 

"The city health department told us we should keep the public informed, but by then, we had already done so because they deserve to know," said Monsees.

The city environmental public health supervisor, Kala Tomka, stated businesses should be abiding by these guidelines. 

"When it comes to these guidelines, we ask them; what is your plan for social distancing?What are you using for disinfection? What areas are your high-touch areas, how frequently are you disinfecting them?" Said Tomka.

With the state back open for business, Monsees wants all of the businesses to get on the same page.

"You know, there are a lot of businesses that are treading water at best. And, I’m worried that there are some out there that are not taking this as seriously as it needs to be taken,” said Monsees.