Columbia Blood Drive Remembers Fallen Police Officer

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COLUMBIA - Emergency responders and law enforcement officers from Boone County came together at an annual blood drive Friday to celebrate the legacy of fallen police officer Molly Bowden. 

Bowden was killed in the line of duty in 2005 while conducting a routine traffic stop. Emergency personnel partnered with the American Red Cross for the sixth annual Molly Bowden Memorial Blood Drive. Community members have donated more than 1,000 pints of blood since the event got its start. 

Chad Craig worked as Bowden's beat partner with the Columbia Police Department before she died in 2005 and said a blood drive is the perfect way to honor her giving spirit and love for the community. 

"The thing I remember most about Molly is she was so outgoing, so energetic," Craig said. "She was so friendly and caring about everybody. It was almost contagious working with her. You just couldn't help getting excited and being happy."

Craig said Bowden would be happy with an event that could help save people's lives. 

"I think she would be very proud at the amount of community involvement and everybody coming together to serve the great purpose of providing blood so that people who are injured have a greater chance of survival," Craig said. 

Donors at the event were also able to buy Molly Bowden bumper stickers, T-shirts and other gear. The proceeds went to the Molly Bowden scholarship at Columbia College.