Columbia Board of Education Takes Technology Tour

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COLUMBIA - Columbia Board of Education members toured three schools Thursday morning to see how the schools utilize technology in their teaching. 

The board members toured Midway Heights Elementary School, Smithton Middle School, and virtually toured Battle High School. During their tour, members saw students using laptops to publish their own cookbooks, iPads to read textbooks, and smart boards to allow students to follow music notes on the board.

"We saw a variety of uses of technology as a tool that teachers were using for teaching and student learning depending on the situation. We saw they have multiple tools in their toolbox depending on what they need to do," Director of Technology Chris Diggs said. 

James Whitt, Board of Education vice president, said he enjoyed the tour. 

"I'm impressed by the fact that they have a real wide range of access to information. Much more so than they would in a standard classroom and they are making use of that," Whitt said. 

Whitt also said the technology provides quick feedback for teachers.

"I'm impressed by the rapid feedback. We saw a class where, it was a math class, where they basically took a quiz and within a few minutes the teacher had feedback and she could spend that time with the kids talking about the feedback," Whitt said. 

Whitt said he thinks the use of technology will help improve classroom productivity and he plans to bring more technology into schools.