Columbia Body Shops Busy With Hail Damage

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COLUMBIA - Last weeks storms left vehicles across Columbia with hail damage. There were reports of hail as big as baseballs and as small as marbles. Now body shop repair shops are performing the tedious task of fixing each dent left on hoods, roofs and sides of cars.

Ted Holverson is a paintless dent repair technician at Joe Machens Ford dealership. He says he expects it will take three to six months to repair all of the cars from last week's storms, he estimates a few thousand may have hail damage.

"Everyone has to go through their insurance companies first to get a check and then they come see us so that takes some time," said Holverson. "Also it can take an entire day to fix just one car if there are enough dents, so it's going to take a while to get everyone done."

Holverson says business has been picking up and he expects to be even busier in the coming weeks.

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