Columbia Bus Routes Change as Students Leave

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COLUMBIA - Columbia Transit transitioned to its academic break schedule over the weekend.

School is out for college students in the area. The fall semester ended for the University of Missouri, Stephens College and Columbia College on Friday. That means student ridership will be down.

In order to accommodate for the lack of students riding city busses during break, Columbia Transit will cut back on its usual service. FastCat will run its normal route through downtown, MU, Stephens College and Boone and University Hospitals. However, it won't run as frequently.

Click here for modified FastCat schedule.

Other routes the rely heavily on student ridership like TigerLine and Black and Gold routes have stopped completely. TigerLine will operate with limited service Wednesday, Jan. 14 through Friday, Jan. 17.

Click here to see modified bus schedules.

The rest of the city routes will not be affected. All busses will return to regular schedules starting Tuesday, Jan. 21.