Columbia Bus Routes to Detour Away From East Walnut

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COLUMBIA - Bus riders couldn't use bus stops on East Walnut Monday and won't be able to through Friday as buses are taking a detour.

Crews closed East Walnut between Melbourne and William Monday morning to begin work on tearing up bad parts of the road and replacing them. The work began at 7:00 a.m. Monday and is scheduled to finish at 5:00 p.m. Friday.

Normally, four routes use East Walnut and stop at all the stops along the road. Because of the construction, routes 102 East Blue returning to Wabash Station, 103 Northeast Green leaving Wabash Station and 104 Southeast Red returning to Wabash Station will instead go one block south and use Broadway and Tenth Street when leaving or returning to the Wabash Station. Route 107 FastCAT will take Hinkson and Rogers and then south on Tenth Street after stopping by the Wabash Station.

The downtown 107 FastCAT will use Hinkson and Rogers to the North of Walnut to avoid the area, and return to route on Tenth and Walnut after stopping by the Wabash Station.

For a real-time look at the bus schedule, click here.