Columbia businesses will benefit from Roots N Blues

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COLUMBIA - The Roots N Blues N BBQ festival is this weekend in Columbia and will benefit more those in attendance.

The Columbia Convention and Visitors Bureau studies the economic impact of events in the city. This year the bureau will be studying how much revenue the festival generates.

"We will have a team on site at the Roots N Blues N BBQ festival," said the marketing and communications manager Megan McConachie. "We are going to produce economic impact numbers from that. So, hopefully in the next few months we will be able to lock down exactly how much economic impact that festival has on our community."

The festival will have 30 artists from different musical genres: country, blues, rock, gospel, folk, bluegrass and soul. The performers are international, national, regional and local artists.

Richard King, part owner of Thumper Entertainment, said the festival is economically good for Columbia.

"I know several hotels are full up," King said. "I do think it has a positive impact on the financials in Columbia."

McConachie said events in Columbia stimulate the economy in numerous ways.

"Not only are people spending the night at our hotels," McConachie said. "They're eating at our restaurants, shopping at our stores, filling up at our gas stations before they leave so there's a community wide economic impact from an event like this."

King said it's the music that draws people to the festival nationally and globally.

"There was a group of folks last year that was coming to the United States to go to a festival in Nashville," King said. "They came across the Roots N Blues festival. They called us up and like, 20 people from Australia showed up to our festival."

Tickets for the Roots N Blues N BBQ can be purchased online, the MU Student center and at the door at the festival box office. The Roots N Blues N BBQ will be held at Stevens Lake Park Friday, Saturday and Sunday.