Columbia Celebrates Small Business Saturday

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COLUMBIA - Businesses in The District celebrated Small Business Saturday this weekend. 

Bluestem Crafts participated in the event for the third consecutive year. American Express began the event in 2010, and Bluestem was featured in a radio advertisement for Small Business Saturday in its first year.

One of Bluestem's owners, Sandy Litecki, said an MU journalism alum remembered Bluestem while working at American Express, and asked owners if they would the business to be featured.

Litecki said the event helps bring attention to local shops. Bluestem has been in business for 29 years and Litecki said the event helps jump start its holiday business, when it stays open longer.

Helena Shih opened U Knead Sweets bakery in Columbia two months ago. She said Saturday was also a good opportunity to show off her business. Shih is not a Columbia native, but graduated from MU with a business degree.

Shih said she established her business in Columbia because the diverse population would be more open to the unique flavors and creations she likes to make.

Shih said while running her business is hard work, she creates a product that you cannot get at a larger grocery store.