Columbia Celebrates World Hoop Day

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COLUMBIA - Children and adults celebrated World Hoop Day 2011 at Flat Branch Park Friday afternoon. World Hoop Day's website says the goal is to spread peace, joy, exercise and a giving attitude by handing out free hula hoops to youth.

The celebration is part of the international organization, World Hoop Day Organization. Since 2006, World Hoop Day has been bringing toy hula hoops to under-privledged children across the globe. The non-profit organization has many local branches that work toward promoting joy within the community.

In Columbia, members of The Hulagans and Burn Circus partnered with World Hoop Day Organization and handed out hula hoops at Flat Branch Park.

Lois Bennett, a World Hoop Day volunteer, says because there aren't many under-privledged children in Columbia, they invite all children to come participate.

They had a total of 230 hula hoops for children to decorate and play with. There was also live music, local artists and performances. This is their first year celebrating in Columbia. Last year, they were in Jefferson City.

World Hoop Day 2011 spans six continents and includes over 100,000 participants. Participating countries include India, Australia, South Africa and Finland. Over the past five years, World Hoop Day has given away more than 11,000 hoops to under-privledged children.