Columbia Changes Eviction Rules for Mobile Home Parks

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia City Council voted unanimously to extend eviction notice periods for tenants of mobile home property that would be repurposed for different use at its meeting Monday night. The current ordinance dictates tenants receive 120 days notice, but the council extended the notice period to 180 days.

The council also added language including the closure of a mobile home park.

The time period would not apply to any tenant who has broken his or her lease. The new ordinance language went into effect immediately -- but it does not apply to the residents of Regency Mobile Home Park.

Tim Teddy, Columbia's Community Development Director, said this extension of notice periods will not apply to Regency residents because those residents received eviction notices on Nov. 1, prior to the council's action Monday night.

Councilperson Barbara Hoppe said during the rezoning meeting for the Regency property on Nov. 21, some provision might be made to give Regency residents more time.

Paul Brown, a Regency resident, said that's what he needs.

"I'm disabled and my mother is disabled," Brown said. "We don't have enough time to find a new place, especially since Regency still will not give me a reference letter. How am I supposed to find a new place to live without a reference letter?"