Columbia Church Gives Crayton Keys to New Home

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COLUMBIA - After weeks of complete renovation, the Fairview Road Church of Christ handed Almeta Crayton the keys to her new home Saturday.

Her backyard coupled with her neighbor's backyard held a barbecue with dozens of church members and neighbors.  They ate, drank, played music, and gave speeches as workers finished up what's left of the renovation process.

The Fairview Road Church of Christ chose Crayton as their annual extreme home makeover renovation project and celebrated the near completion Saturday.

Crayton expressed her appreciation to all who came and gave some insight.

"They never once made me feel unsafe. They made sure that I had a place to stay," Crayton said. "Don't do stuff because someone's going to pat you on the back. Do it because it's right."

Volunteer David Parker handed Crayton the keys to her new home and said she is a joy to be around.