Columbia church holds drive-in worship Easter Sunday

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COLUMBIA – About 30 cars drove in to church on Easter Sunday, but no one got out of their cars. Instead, they listened to the service on the radio parked beside fellow church members. 

Midway Heights Baptist Church held the drive-in Easter service at it's church in Boone County. 

Pastor Scott Hanson said he’s trying to focus on engaging people during COVID-19. His sermons have moved online the past 3 weeks and he wanted to do something different for Easter.

The church asked people who came to keep their windows rolled-up and to stay inside their cars. They tuned in to 93.7 FM where a church member used a transmitter borrowed from a Centralia church to broadcast the service.

“I was just glad to see everybody. That was the best part. We missed each other, we miss what we call community,” said Hanson.

Youth Leader Clayton Croy agreed with Pastor Hanson. He said while safety is the most important things right now, he’s glad to see his church family.

“Even if it’s just in our cars instead of having to tune in on our own,” said Croy.

Hanson’s sermon was also posted online for people who couldn’t make it to the drive-in service.

Normally on Easter, the church hosts a brunch and Easter egg hunt. The brunch is a big hit among everyone and people bring their favorite dishes.

“French toast casserole: those are just three amazing words to go together,” said Hanson.

“Somebody brings like this 7-layer salad that’s just super good. I can’t get enough of it,” said Croy.

Hanson and Croy will have to wait until the next Easter to have those dishes again.

“We’re Baptists, we like to eat. It’s definitely a big part of what we do on special occasions,” said Croy.

The pastor said COVID-19 has done some good for the church.

“Now we can have church every Sunday no matter the weather,” said Hanson.

Midway Heights Baptist Church viewership is also up. Normally about 120 people attend, but sermons are reaching around 200 people since it moved to online services.

Hanson said he’s considering also offering online sermons after the stay-at-home order is over.