Columbia church reveals makeover home for Burmese refugees

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COLUMBIA - Fairview Road Church of Christ revealed a house it renovated for Burmese refugees Saturday.

City of Refuge, a non-profit to help refugees that come to the Missouri area, helped the Burmese family buy the house and helped them adjust to American life. 

Klo Paw, one of the refugees receiving the house, lived in a refugee camp in Thailand for almost 10 years before being relocated to the U.S.

"It's not like a refugee camp here, I have a lot of freedom and can go anywhere I want and do what I like to do," said Paw.

City of Refuge said Paw's family was literally driven out of the country for their political and religious beliefs.

"They were burning their villages, killing them, driving them out, so they escaped with their lives to refugee camps along the Thai/Burma boarder," said Barry Stoll, volunteer at City of Refuge.

The church has been working on this house for three days. It completely gutted the inside to make more room and even put in a vegetable garden in the backyard.

"Now, with the house renovations we have a meeting room so we can host refugees just like us," said Paw.

The church tries to do an extreme home makeover every year. It worked with City of Refuge two years ago to help a Rwanda refugee family.