Columbia Citizens Speak up at Meeting about Marijuana Laws

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COLUMBIA - The Board of Public Health and the Substance Abuse Advisory Commission held a public meeting Thursday night as part of the continuing discussion on amendments to Columbia's marijuana laws.

Last month the City of Columbia asked several groups to gather public input on the proposed changes before making a decision.

Multiple members of the public spoke and some told personal stories related to both sides of the issue.

Both the chairman of the board of health and the chairman of the Advisory Commission said that although the meeting did not change their opinion or stance on the matter they were appreciative of the public's input and said they will use the public opinion to help make a final decision. 

The next step for the committee is to meet on June 12, where they will gather experts to clarify some of the issues raised at Thursday's meeting.

The council said the city has set a deadline of August 4 for the two groups to come to a decision.