Columbia City Council Approves 2012 Budget Surplus Plan

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COLUMBIA - The city council met Monday night and unanimously approved the 2012 budget surplus plan.

The Disabilities Commission suggested four projects for the surplus to fund. $100,000 will be used to:

  1. Fund more accessible street level parking in downtown
  2. Install auditory pedestrian signals at College and Broadway and Providence and Broadway
  3. Install rubber tiles in place of mulch at the playground in Lions-Stephens Park
  4.  Fund a pilot project that would extend para-transit services on weekdays so people would be able to attend city meetings.

The surplus plan allocates $325,000 to restore the interior of the Blind Boone Home in Columbia. It also allocates $200,000 for a pilot infrastructure project that the public will select through an online poll. Click here to view the entire $1.9 million dollar surplus plan.