Columbia City council approves new gas station.

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COLUMBIA - Columbia City Council approved the addition of a gas station to the Gerbes grocery store on W. Ash Street and Clinkscales Road. The council requested amendments to the original proposal and tabled the vote in October. The proposal includes the addition of a company gas station on the existing Gerbes grocery store structure on the west side of town. All of the requested amendments were approved at Monday's meeting. 

The grocery store chain, owners of the Gerbes shopping center, and nearby residents spoke in favor of the gas station. One resident proposed a new location for the structure, but was not opposed to the original plan. The Council spent more than an hour discussing the plan, approving amendments, and finally approving the ordinance.

Most of the concerns surrounding the gas station were about changing the aesthetic and atmosphere of the residential area. One resident, who lives in the area said alot of elderly people walk to the grocery store and safety is a major concern. 

A few of the amendments passed include a six-foot wall surrounding the gas station,a charging station for electric vehicles, and fewer pumps. More than 10 amendments were approved:

  • A lowered canopy 
  • Aarthtone colors
  • Lower lighting
  • Landscaping 
  • Charging station for electric vehicles 
  • ADA accesible ramp
  • Sidewalks and pedestrian walks 
  • Traffic calming improvements
  • Fewer pump stations
  • Fewer signs 
  • Shorter hours of opperation 
  • No audio ads under the canopy 
  • Oustide merhcandise limited 
  • Advertising of tobacco products limited 
  • Buffer fence facing residential housing 


Gerbes says the the store offers reward points for gas station and store frequenters. The company has not said when construction will begin. The meeting concluded before midnight. 

The Ban the Box" ordinance was tabled until December 1st to give Chamber of Commerce more time to evaluate the issue. Utility deposit rates were also approved to increase in a blanket motion of the consent agenda.