Columbia City Council Approves Plan for Providence Road Improvements

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COLUMBIA - Columbia City Council approved a plan Monday night to make improvements to Providence Road. 

City Council selected option 8-A, with two amendments. Under 8-A, a traffic light will be installed at the Burnam Road and Providence Road intersection. An additional traffic light will also be installed at the Turner Avenue and Providence Road intersection. The traffic light at Rollins Street and Providence Road will be removed. Lanes will be added to Providence Road to make it wider. A southbound right-turn lane on Providence Road will be extended from Stadium Boulevard to Brandon Road. Bingham Road, Brandon Road and Kentucky Boulevard intersections with Providence Road will each have a right-in/right-out lane.

One of the amendments made to option 8-A is there will be no improvements made to Birch Street at this time. There is a possibility that improvements to Birch Street will be made in the future. The second amendment is that left turns will be allowed from northbound Providence Road onto Bingham Road. 

Columbia Mayor Bob McDavid said although a decision was made, the plan is not concrete.

"I think we'll have a plan and I think the plan is one that can always be revisited later, it can always be added to incrementally as the conditions change," McDavid said. 

The Providence Road improvements are estimated to cost $2.1 million dollars.