Columbia City Council discusses a $25,000 traffic project

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia City Council is proposing a $25,000 project to install traffic calming devices on the intersections on Rainforest Parkway between Rangeline Street and Providence Road.

The project is being implemented to reduce speeds. 

Second Ward City Council Representative Mike Trapp said many drivers go almost double the speed limit on this road. 

"When we did a speed study, the 85th percentile is over 48 miles per hour in a 25 mile per hour zone so we know that there are a large number of significant speeders there," Trapp said.

City Council plans to install two speed tables and one speed hump. 

Some neighborhood members said the feel safer with the construction of these innovations.

"I think it might make people slow down and make it safer," Columbia's Finest Assistant Director Courtney Crum said. Columbia's Finest is a daycare in the neighborhood. "We are move smart, so our kids have to do a lot of extra outdoor exercise so we go on at least two walks a day per class."

The project would be paid for by the Annual Traffic Calming Funds and the speed humps will be replaced every 15 years. 

Two public meetings were held before hand. Monday night's meeting is the last public hearing before the project goes into effect.