Columbia City Council Discusses Frontier Airlines

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COLUMBIA - The city council discussed several important issues Monday night including Frontier Airlines' decision to stop flights in Columbia.

John Glascock, director of Columbia Public Works, said Frontier's decision was unexpected considering the flights to and from Orlando are always filled.

"We were filling the planes, for the most part, a lot of planes had one-hundred plus people on it," Glascock said.

Frontier's last flight in Columbia is May 13. The company is reimbursing those who have already purchased tickets for flights after that date.

Glascock said it appears Frontier is concentrating more on its business clientele.

The city council also discussed whether or not to tear down eight historic homes for the Providence Rd. expansion.

Several residents of those homes were at the meeting to voice their opinion and requested the city find a plan that would not require tearing down the houses.

Many of the city council members seemed in favor of finding a compromise, including newly elected 5th Ward Councilwoman Laura Nauser who said, "Everybody has to give up something that we can all live with."

The city council will make a decision on whether or not to demolish the homes in a meeting set for April.

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