Columbia City Council Discusses Opus Development Plan

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia City Council heard a from the public in regards to the Opus Development petition at its meeting Monday night.  

The public comment was headed by Charles Rogers, an attorney for Opus, who asked the city council to declare the petition against the development invalid.  

When KOMU asked city council members to comment on the matter, they declined for what they said was fear of possible litigation.

Rogers also told the city council that if it did not declare the petition invalid, the city would have to pay damages to Opus Development.

The city council also discussed the city's purchase of electricity from the Prarie State Energy Campus.  A few citizens came forward with concerns about the plant the council was using. 

The council voted not to approve a development located on the east side of Route K and adjacent to Southbrook Court.  It discussed the proposal for about an hour, even taking a five-minute recess.  Many citizens came forward and voiced their concerns about environmental issues, with the development being so close to Rock Bridge State Park.

The city council also approved a utility bill data project, which would allow utlity bill data to be posted on the city's website. A purchase of property on 8th Street for a homeless shelter was also approved.