Columbia City Council discusses parks sales tax income

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COLUMBIA - Columbia's city council will meet Monday night and one of the major business items is a discussion of how the revenue from the park sales tax will be spent.

Citizens voted overwhelmingly in favor of the eighth cent sales tax rate increase back in early November. The rate will be in place for a six year period.

The tax is projected to bring in $18.4 million in revenue over this time period.

The discussion at the council meeting will center around 5 key points in regards to the allocation of this money. The first point are cash flow, which deals with the budgeting of money for specific park projects on a yearly basis. The second point deals with contingency plans for the chance that the expected amount of money isn't received.

The third and fourth points outline the timeline for construction of new projects and workforce availability to perform the labor required for these projects.

The meeting begins at 7 p.m. at City Hall.