Columbia City Council Rescinds Original Plan to Fix Providence Road Issues

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COLUMBIA - By a vote of five to two, the Columbia City Council voted to rescind a popular plan to solve congestion and safety issues on Providence Road.

Option 9 as it's known would have put in a light at Turner Avenue and Burnam Road and removed one at Providence Road and Rollins Road, but also would have demolished 8 homes along Providence Road. It would have cost $3.2 million.

Option 9 was approved by the council as a plan of action back in November of last year. The plan was also approved by 53 percent of Columbia residents who sent in comments on the plan.

The council chamber was so full of people waiting to speak on the Providence Road issue that many spilled out into the City Hall lobby.

A new option that could be up for consideration is known as option 8A. This option is cheaper, only $2.1 million compared to option 9. It would also include a sidewalk along Burnam Road, which is heavily traveled by pedestrians.

The council will decide on a new plan at a later date.