Columbia City Council to hear public concerns about roundabout

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia City Council has announced a public hearing scheduled for May 2 to listen to public comments and concerns regarding a roundabout going in at the intersection of Fairview and Chapel Hill roads.

The roundabout would be located next to at least one neighborhood and the Countryside Nursery School and down the street from Fairview Elementary School. 

The project would cost $600,000 to construct, and the city has budgeted $2,000 a year for regular maintenance.

The city council received 40 comments, both for and against, the roundabout.

Many said the roundabout would be a good idea and increase the traffic flow of the area since the current four-way stop sign intersection causes congestion during busy driving times. 

"I travel through this intersection daily, and it always backs up traffic. Please proceed to complete this project," Russell Starr said.

Other comments discussed the dangers of having a roundabout so close to schools and neighborhoods where children and parents walk on a daily basis. 

"We can only imagine the fears of the parents whose children attend the preschool on the intersection's northeast corner," Peverill Squire and Janet Lindstrom said.

One mother said, "I have two young kids, and we often walk to school, and I am concerned for their safety."

The roundabout has already been planned and budgeted for, and the city plans to start construction the summer of 2017.