Columbia City Council to Make Changes to Sewer Bill Ordinance

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COLUMBIA - After the Columbia city council delayed considering changes to the city's sewer billing ordinance last month, it plans to make some decisions in a meeting Monday night.  That would mean changing the months the city bases average residential water use rates from earlier in the year to later.  Instead of billing people for the current months of January, February and March, the ordinance would change the average water use to October, November and December.

The council asked city staffers to draft the legislation after customers complained about more expensive sewer bills.  Mayor Bob McDavid said moving the winter quarter average period later in the year would decrease the chance of a "snowbird effect" on sewer billing.

Sanitary Sewer Maintenance Superintendent, Bill Weitkemper says the changes would still bring significant increases in sewer bills for people who water their lawns during hot and dry months.  Monday's meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. at City Hall.