Columbia City Council to make final vote on Cosmo-Bethel Park

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COLUMBIA - About a month after the first public hearing, Columbia City Council members will vote Monday night at 7 pm on whether or not to proceed with the additions to Cosmo-Bethel Park.

Among the additions to the park would be lights for four more of the park's tennis courts, along with trail and walkway improvements with more general lighting for the entire park.

Currently, only four of the twelve tennis courts at the park have lights that shine down on them. If the council members approve the addition, all eight of the original tennis courts at the park would have lighting necessary for playing at night. Adding lights for the four newest courts would be addressed sometime in the future.

When it comes to trail improvements, the new additions would include changing much of the .46 mile gravel trail into a 6-foot wide cement trail. 

The total project budget is $150,000 and is funded by the 2010 Park Sales Tax. If the council approves the additions, construction would begin in the fall of 2014 and completed somewhere around the summer of 2015.

Some other major topics that will be discussed at Monday's city council meeting include a public comment on why it is against city ordinance to let the Uber ride sharing service operate in Columbia and an inital vote on a bill to decriminalize the planting of small amounts of marijuana.