Columbia City Council to raise City Manager Mike Matthes salary

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia City Council voted unanimously to raise City Manager Mike Matthes' salary to $165,000 Monday evening. His previous salary stood at $157,000, alongside a $12,000 compensation package.

Before the vote was made, residents spoke against the pay raise to the council, saying the $8,000 should be used in other parts of the city.

Prior to the vote, Third Ward Councilman Karl Skala said he was in favor of raising Matthes' salary, just not to the extent of the previously suggested $15,000.

"I am not willing to give him a bonus of 7 percent, when the staff never gets close to that," Skala said. "I think that 2 percent is reasonable and would bring him up to the $160,000 figure."

Michael Trapp, Second Ward councilman, said he expected the raise to pass.

"I've heard from some people saying he doesn't deserve a raise because he doesn't do a good job," Trapp said. "I very much disagree with that. I think he is an excellent manager and gets high marks from the folks he supervises."

According to Skala, there was disagreement among the council over just how much Matthes should be given. He said there was, however, consensus that he had improved since he began in 2011.

Since 2011, Matthes has received four pay raises.

The council also discussed the park sales tax.

At the Dec. 21 meeting, the City Council plans to introduce a request for mid-year appropriation of funds for fiscal year 2016.