Columbia City Council to vote on sewer extension project

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COLUMBIA — The Columbia City Council will take a final vote on the Henderson Branch sewer extension project at Monday night’s meeting. 

Ward 2 Council Member Michael Trapp said the vote was delayed last month after the estimated cost for the project came to about $4 million, which was double what the city had expected.

The sewer line would connect Perche Creek to an area by the Midway Truck Stop, giving the Midway area access to city sewer services.

Trapp said the project would bring about the annexation of properties such as MidwayUSA and the Midway Truck Stop, leading to more tax revenue for Columbia.

“It would give us access to the sales tax of Missouri customers from Midway Arms and also the truck stop, so it would be a considerable resource base for the city.”

There are also potential environmental benefits from the project. The area is currently served by septic tanks, sewage lagoons and small treatment facilities, all of which discharge raw sewage into nearby creeks. Construction of the sewer line would improve water quality in the area. 

But in order to move forward with the project, Trapp said some city council members would like to see a greater financial contribution from the private sector. 

“Right now, a majority of council members are not in support of it. I think that unless the public reaches out to council members or comes out to the meeting, then it’s likely not to pass.”