Columbia College Donation

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COLUMBIA - Columbia College received a $100,000 contribution Friday to go towards building a brand new science building equipped with better, safer tools. The contribution came from Judy Cunningham, a trustee for the college.

Freshman Sam Scheffler said while he enjoys his biology labs at Columbia College, he often notices the dirty environment surrounding him, as well as the commonly broken equipment.

"If you can imagine this college is a first world country," he said, "then the labs are kind of the third world country."

Columbia College Social Media Coordinator Steve Dotson said not only will the students benefit from the new lab equipment in the science building, but the intiative will also help accommodate more students in general at the college, as well as more degrees.

"Everybody is really excited about it," Dotson said. "Even if they're seniors and going to graduate soon, it's definitely something you can be proud of."

Though the new building will cost between $13 million to $15 million, Columbia College has already raised nearly $3.5 million.