Columbia College Forward Stuns Crowd off Court

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COLUMBIA- It sure seems like Columbia College Women's Basketball can't lose. Columbia won 18 straight games before an overtime loss Saturday.

But one Columbia College player is making an impact before tipoff as she sings the National Anthem.

"I started singing when I was about 4," said Jasmine Davis, a forward for Columbia College, "I was sitting in church and the pastor was like, 'Anybody want to get up and give a song.' And my mom was like, 'Get out there.'"

"It's always interesting to see the other team because as soon as she starts singing, you see them start... 'Who's singing that?' They're all looking around," said Coach Mike Davis.

Davis is a Junior College transfer from Tyler, Texas, but hasn't seen much of the floor this season in part because she's recovering from ACL surgery.

"Sometimes if you come into a season and you're not completely healthy, you kind of fall behind," Mike Davis said.

Jasmine's voice never takes a break - she's always singing - even during a recruiting trip with Coach Davis.

"Coach heard me singing in the car coming from the airport and was like, 'If you come here, would you like to sing the national anthem?' I was like, sure, no problem, would love to," Jasine Davis said.

Better yet, Davis now plans to try out for Fox's 'The X-Factor' - if only to gain approval from its famous judge, Simon Cowell.

"If I go before him and he likes me, I'll be like, 'Yes, I've done it," Jasmine Davis said.

Davis will travel to New Orleans in April to try for a spot in the televised competition.