Columbia College graduation has a new meaning for a father and daughter

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COLUMBIA - Columbia College welcomed 423 students as alumni on Saturday.

The graduation ceremony also marked the start of a new journey for a father and daughter.

Michael Lyman is a renowned criminal justice professor. He's written eight textbooks and testified in the Freddie Gray case. Lyman was excited to celebrate two accomplishments at the ceremony.

"This is my last official day at the college because I am retiring after 30 years. Very, very happy years. Very productive years. My daughter is also graduating today with two degrees in business," Lyman said in an interview.

Lyman had the honor of presenting his daughter with her diploma. The crowd gave a loud cheer as Lyman embraced his daughter Kelsey.

Kelsey Lyman said she is thankful for the college for having a huge impact on her and her family.

"Columbia has really been woven into the fabric of my whole life. Some of my professors have attended my baby shower and my parents got married here. It's really excited to leave my legacy here with both my dad and myself," Kelsey Lyman said.

Michael Lyman said his future involves writing more textbooks and learning to slow down to enjoy more of life.