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COLUMBIA- The Hagan Scholarship Foundation is hopeful for the approval to purchase two properties at Stephens College for their new college-preparatory academy.

There has yet to be an agreement to formally sell the property to The Hagan Scholarship Foundation. Founder of The Hagan Scholarship Foundation, Dan Hagan provided $45 million to fund the project.

If approved to purchase the Stephens properties, there is specific criteria for potential admits. Because of the admittance criteria Columbia residents are not eligible to apply for the school.To be admitted to the academy student have to have high academic standing, be eligible for their Junior or Senior Year, show financial need, and be from a county in Missouri of 50,000 people or less.

According to The Hagan Foundation representative Mark Farnen the academy's purpose is not  to compete with other schools in the area. Farnen said, " This is a new concept that helps people from smaller communities that need the help to achieve their highest potential." The academy will also be strictly academically based. Components such as sports and other traditional extra-curricular activities are not stressed. However, every student admitted into the school is required to have a job or actively volunteer in the community.

Not everyone has been supportive of the academy. Farnen said, " People who are cynical about how ask how is this going to work and why would this guy do this. It's hard to explain why someone wouldn't be selfish."

The academy would begin its operation in Hillcrest hall with a student body of 50 students the inaugeral year of school. The Hagan Scholarship Foundation will submit the proposal for the academy in December 2012 and wait for planning and zoning approval. If approved the proposal will be evaluated by The Columbia City Council for final approval.

The residential academy is projected to be up and running by 2013.