Columbia College to partner with Missouri Sheriff's Association

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COLUMBIA - Columbia College is partnering with the Missouri Sheriffs’ Association as its preferred education partner for candidates attending the police academy.

David Morrison, a public relations specialist for Columbia, said the new partnership is mutually beneficial.

"At Columbia College we have a long history of helping law enforcement students attain their education goals and any time we have an opportunity to help out law enforcement students we love to do that," he said.

Currently, those trying to become a deputies with the sheriff's association have to complete 60 credit hours from an accredited college, or 30 or more credit hours coupled with two years of service work as a federal active duty military member or as a full-time certified peace officer.

Morrison said cadets who choose to attend Columbia College will be able to use the college's Criminal Justice and Administration and Human Services department to become more well-rounded students and future law enforcement officers.

"By promoting our criminal justice program and by sending them through education here, we're able to get better informed officers out into the field. The hope is, the expectation is that better educated officers make better decisions out in the field," he said.

Morrison says the program went into affect Aug. 1st and cadets started attending Columbia College this semester.