Columbia commission hopes to increase pedestrian safety

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COLUMBIA- The Public Transit Advisory Commission wants to help make walking in the city of Columbia safer. 

Commission chair Steven Hanson brought up ideas on how to increase pedestrian safety at the Bicycle and Pedestrian Commission Wednesday night. 

Hanson wants the city to review speed limits and lighting on South Providence Road, which he said could have been a cause of an accident on Jan. 22. 

"That particular spot where a pedestrian got struck was one of those locations where you have lots of lights coming from different directions and it's very difficult to see," Hanson said. "Whether or not better lighting in that instance would have helped, I can't really say, but overall there's a precipitous lack of lighting on South Providence." 

Hanson also wants to create a city position dedicated to pedestrian safety and accessibility that would help address some of the safety issues he said the city doesn't necessarily make a priority right now. 

Another issue Hanson wants to address is improving lighting around crosswalks.

"If you put some LED lights in the appropriate spot, you can have much better lighting for pedestrians rather than the old standard," Hanson said. 

Hanson wrapped up his presentation with an idea for a review process for pedestrian accidents. The police reports for pedestrians accidents would go to the City Manager and then to relevant commissions in order to better understand the accident and find ways to prevent them in the future.