Columbia community protests President Trump\'s travel ban

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COLUMBIA - Three separate events in Columbia on Wednesday targeted President Trump's executive order to ban travel and immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries.

At the University of Missouri, protesters gathered in a crowd that overfilled Speakers Circle.

The crowd chanted "Muslim rights are human rights," and "love, not hate; that's what makes America great." A few other chants targeted the chancellor of the university, Hank Foley.

Protesters said all American citizens feel the impact of the executive order, but for many Columbia residents the ban hits closer to home.

One student is a first-generation American, and she worries the country is regressing to times that were much more difficult for her family.

“My father and mother immigrated here from Taiwan and my father was actually a student here at the university and these issues are very personal to me because I feel like I’m getting attacked and my friends are getting attacked and my history is getting attacked,” said Alice Yu.

Along with the protest on MU’s campus, graduate students hosted a ‘Call Congress’ event for students and staff to call elected officials speaking out against the immigration and travel ban.

Kevin Kaifer of the MU Graduate Professional Council said this is the largest turnout the group has ever seen for a ‘Call Congress’ event.

After just three hours, the group had already made more than 200 phone calls.

Later in the afternoon a crowd of about 50 held a peaceful protest against the travel ban on the corner of Broadway and Providence.

No supporters of the travel ban were seen at any of the demonstrations.