Columbia Considers Citizen Radar Gun Program

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia Public Works Department is drafting a proposal that would let citizens loan out radar guns to track speeding hot spots in their neighborhoods.

 "It's a pretty basic approach," said city traffic engineer Lee White. "We want to create awareness of the speed limits in the neighborhoods, maybe let people know that their neighbors are watching them."

White said he is in charge of drafting the proposal that's going to be called the Neighborhood Speed Watch Program. He said he plans to have in front of the City Council for a vote by November.

"The Neighborhood Speed Watch Program is just one small aspect of our traffic company policy that we are revising," White said.

White said Public Works purchased three radar guns a couple weeks ago for about $100 a piece. He said they are significantly less advanced than the models policemen use.

Columbia resident Marvin Chapman said he thinks the program could be a step towards solving a chronic speeding problem on a road near him.

"With me being retired I have plenty of time," Chapman said. "I could go ahead and put in a lot of time doing that, and hopefully we could get something done about this."