Columbia Convention & Visitors Bureau celebrates National Travel Week

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COLUMBIA - Columbia Convention & Visitors Bureau is in the middle of celebrating National Travel and Tourism Week. 

This year's theme engages citizens' support, asking them to fill in the blank "Travel is ______".

Blank post cards are available at each of Columbia's visitors centers for people to fill out and tape on to a community bulletin board.

Centers are located in City Hall, the Columbia Regional Airport and in the Columbia Convention & Visitors Bureau main office. 

"For our organization, travel means jobs, travel means quality of life for Columbia citizens, it means economy growth," Megan McConachie of the Visitors Bureau said.

According to the Visit Missouri annual report, the tourism industry generated $15.3 billion from 39. 2 million people in Missouri.

McConachie said the goal of national travel week is to raise awareness about the importance of the tourism industry. 

According the visitors bureau's blog, the tourism industry employs 11,000 people in Boone County. 

"Tourism is the second largest industry in Missouri after agriculture," McConachie said. 

She said large events like commencement weekend and conferences helps boost tourism in Columbia.