Columbia could be changing the way trash is collected downtown

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COLUMBIA - The Downtown Community Improvement District (CID) would like to keep downtown Columbia clean and trash off the streets.

The CID recently proposed ordinances for downtown Columbia's waste collecting system. 

David Sorrell, assistant director for Columbia utilities, met with some people Wednesday night to discuss some of the proposed changes. 

One would require developers to make waste collection part of their planning. The new proposal would include specific types of dumpsters depending on the number of bedrooms in a given building. The ordinance said excess trash created during a tenants' move-in or move-out period is the responsibility of the property owner.

Scott Wilson, a board member for Orr Street Studios, said he went to the meeting because a dumpster outside the business is "unsightly." He said he would like it to be moved so the business can plan activities in that space. 

"We host events on our First Friday's and that space where the dumpster's at is a good opportunity for a temporary stage," Wilson said.

He said that area is not currently usable because of the glass, smell and the filth.

Wilson said solid waste is something Columbia residents should be thinking about.

"We want the image of Columbia not to be one of dumpsters that are over loaded, that's unsightly and it's really not that great for business either," he said. 

Wilson said a main problem with the Orr Street dumpster is that it is off the main road, making it an easy target for illegal dumping. He said trash that doesn't make it in the dumpster can be a health hazard.

Following the meeting, Sorrell said the proposed changes will be reviewed on more time before being sent to legal for final review. He said they could then be placed on the city council agenda for consideration.