Columbia Council to Approve Fire Education Money

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia City Council will approve a $4,400 donation Monday to expand its fire sprinkler education program through the Columbia Fire Department. Another $500 donation will also be approved.

The donations will be used for a trailer and materials to assist with live fire sprinkler demonstrations. The first live burn occurred on October 4, 2013 and the fire department plans on demonstrating the live fire sprinkler burn at least four times a year. 

These donations increase the fund by $4,900 for the next two years. 

Fire Marshall Brad Frazier said the Columbia Fire Department planned ahead to have the first side-by-side burn prop demonstration coincide with fire prevention week. 

"The double-sided prop will give us an opportunity to show three-dimensional and show very dramatically how fire sprinklers save life and property," said Frazier. "We devout a lot of time and resources during this week and then throughout the year talking to businesses, individuals and organizations about fire safety."

Although the council will vote on the funding Monday, the Columbia Fire Department already received the grant money in September in order to coincide its first burn demonstration with fire prevention week.

City Council Member Karl Skala said public safety is a primarily responsibility of city government. "This impacts the 2013 budget for about $4,000," said Skala. 

"I don't think its necessary for residential properties single-family to have fire sprinklers, I think its absolutely necessary that people understand that smoke detectors, Co2 detectors are essential," Skala added. 

Frazier said it is a common misconception that one sprinkler will activate all sprinklers in a home.

"You need them in every room, because smoke will not activate sprinklers heat does," Frazier mentioned. 

The next demonstration is set for early November.