Columbia Country Club offers a different way to play golf

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COLUMBIA – As any golfer can tell you, it's usually not a good thing if you tee off at one hole and end up at another.

But on Sunday, golfers at the Columbia Country Club were encouraged to do just that.


Golfers took part in "Cross-Country Day," where they were expected to try and hit another hole's green.

“It kind of promotes walking,” said Tommy Thrash of the Columbia Country Club. “It’s a good time to be able to close it down and let people walk wherever they want and in a way play a new course. They’re going through trees and going across different fairways, just something they’re not used to.”

The special round of golf consists of 10 makeshift holes, some of which are considerably difficult. The cross-country hole 10, for example, forces golfers to hit their drives over a barn in order to reach the green of the real hole 18. 

“There was lots of different options that you can take, which is cool,” said Julia Bower, current golfer on the Rock Bridge High School team.

“Normally when you’re playing golf, you have the mindset that you stay on the fairway and you play the hole like it should be played. Today it was different, so it’s fun,” Bower said.

The Columbia Country Club only hosts cross-country golf one day a year, usually in November. Thrash said it’s a good way to get people to come out to the golf course when it’s cold outside.

“It’s not normal golf. Sometimes people get complacent, so when you can get them out here, and doing something abnormal, it sparks their interest, and if you can spark their interest in November, it’s a good thing.”