Columbia Couple Gives Out Books, "Trick or Read"

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COLUMBIA - Gary and Pam Fox choose to do Halloween a little different than most.

Gary is a retired professor from the University of Missouri, and Pam taught elementary school in Columbia. 

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Both Gary and Pam have hearts for young children.

Gary said he read to preschool aged children for about five years. He would ride the bus with them to school, and read and sing with them.

"It was tough being at their school by 8:15 in the winter time," said Gary. "One time I left and didn't have gloves and my left had about froze by the time I got to the school."

He said he particularly has a heart for children from broken homes - some of whom would call him grandpa.

"What got me was some of them were title one kids, they didn't know who their daddy was so I was grandpa."

People have recognized the Fox's passion for education children. A woman approached Gary in a grocery store parking lot and asked if he'd take a few bags of books from her car. 

Gary said some people have even dropped books off at his home.

"If they can't learn how to read in their preschool time, then they're going to have difficulty," said Gary.

"Cookies or candy bars, all that... It's gone is a day," said Gary. "But books, ya know, Trick or Read. Books can be passed on and shared."

Gary and Pam have given out books and candy for the past few years on Halloween.